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How To Improve Your Shooting Skills In Football

If you are just starting out playing soccer, then the best way to improve your shooting is to get the fundamentals right. Learning to execute basic soccer skills will give you a solid foundation to build from and make the rest of the game much easier.

The fundamentals are the little things that can make a big difference, depending on whether they are done right or wrong. For example, when it comes to shooting, the fundamentals include positioning, shooting form, and follow-through.

To improve your shooting accuracy in football you must put in hours of soccer drills on the training pitch. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you improve your shooting skills. Remember practice makes perfect, put these soccer shooting tips into practice, and your ability to score more goals should improve over time.

Improve Your Shooting Skills in Football
Improve Your Shooting Skills in Football

Improve Shooting in Football

When watching the world’s best soccer players, you will quickly notice that they don’t all necessarily shoot the same way. But while there is no one exact shooting technique that makes you a brilliant shooter, mastering the fundamentals is the common factor amongst all good goal scorers.

Shooting is not restricted to any one position, and it is a skill that every accomplished player should strive to master.

There are two basic shot selections are power and placement. This all depends on the whereabouts of where you are on the field and where the goalkeeper is. Generally, if you are going for a powerful shot (most likely from longer ranges) you will be hitting the ball with your laces.

To really master shooting in all of its forms it will take you thousands of shooting drills until you find your groove so work at it but be patient.

Practice football training drills
Practice football training drills

Tips For Improving Your Soccer Shot

· As a striker learn to create space for yourself; you may have the best shot in the world, but if you can’t get yourself into a position where an open strike presents itself, your football skills will go wholly untested. Before you consider taking a shot, you need to create the space on the field where the opportunity to take a shot will materialise.

· Select your target and commit to it. Even if you feel the shot will be blocked sometimes a deflection off a defender can result in lots of goals.

· Keep your head down looking at the soccer ball.

· The plant foot needs to be about half a yard beside the ball and your plant foot should be pointing in the direction of your desired target.

· Lock your ankle of the kicking foot (very important) you don't want your leg hitting it all relaxed resulting in wild shots or injury.

· Strike the bottom or middle of the ball.

· Follow through with your kicking foot and it should be the first foot to hit the ground after your swing.

· Don't be tempted to watch and admire your shot, keep your head down, follow through and execute the fundamentals. If you strike it just right don't look up, your teammates will tell you if it went in.

While practice is key to any sporting success, ensuring you have the fundamentals is the best way to improve your game quickly.

If you want to know more about improving your football shooting skills then why not consider coming along to Football Brilliance football academy we will help you get the fundamentals right from the start.

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