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ProFútbolAnalytics provides analysis, comparison and thus a base and motivation for the improvement of physical abilities and technical skills of young players.

ProFútbol Analytics provides a wide database of up to 250,000 soccer players by analysing their performance, giving each coach the opportunity to find the player he is looking for in his club. Each player will find a job, as each club in different league leagues and countries has different requirements

Thanks to a comparison with an extensive football database, ProFútbol Analytics can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of players, assess their improvement and identify the potential for individual training.

The program consists of 6 tests of physical abilities that are critical for football and 4 tests of the most important football skills.






ProFútbolAnalytics Benefits?​

ProFútbol Analytics is designed for football clubs, football camps, football academies and football associations that want

to make decisions based on analyses and objective data and thus make their training methods more effective.

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Pro Fútbol Analytics

Pro Fútbol Analytics

For players

Physical abilities report + technical skills report

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses based on comparison with peers – percentile for each physical ability and technical skill

  • Player’s total score in physical abilities and technical skills

  • Identification of areas to improve

ProFútbol Analytics Sydney

For the club / academy / association

Detailed club report

  • Detailed list of players with their results, strengths/weaknesses, and score at physical and technical abilities

  • Indices based on players’ age – average percentile of groups based on players’ age – score at physical abilities and technical skills based on players’ age

  • Club index – average percentile of all players in the club – score at physical abilities and technical skills on the club level

ProFútbol Analytics Australia

For association

Summarizing analysis

  • Comparison of all tests of all clubs/academies – clubs ranking based on physical abilities, clubs ranking based on technical skills, and overall ranking

  • Assessment of total improvement for each club and each ability / skill

Profutbol Analytics Sydney Australia
ProFutbolAnalytics Sydney Australia
Profutbol Analytics Sydney