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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Please read these Registration terms & conditions carefully, as they incorporate the basis upon which FBA accepts your child in the FBA training program.

  2. By the way of payment I give authority and consent for my child to attend and participate in the activities of “Football Brilliance Academy” (FBA) ABN: 55 307 748 982. This includes participation in FBA held tournaments, matches, training camps, training clinics. Also, this includes tournaments held at other venues other than nominated FBA grounds.

  3. Parents must download the app ‘Team App’ and add ‘Football Brilliance Academy’. Weekly communications and RSVP’s to sessions will be done via team app.

  4. Whilst due care is taken in carrying out the activities of the Academy, I acknowledge that the activities of the Academy include participation in a body contact sport, my child is a minor and not of mature judgment and other participants include minors who are not of mature judgment.

  5. Children attend and participate in activities of the Academy entirely at their own risk.

  6. The Academy shall not be liable for any Loss that may occur when any child attends and/or participates in any activity of the Academy.

  7. I indemnify and will keep indemnified the Academy against all Claims which may be taken or made against the Academy by my child, myself, by any parent or guardian of my child and any person claiming through all or any of them in relation to any Loss.

  8. I indemnify the Academy for any Claim arising from any failure of any person to notify the Academy of any medical condition of my child and/or that my child is taking any medication, whether that matter is existing now or in the future.

  9. All participants will inform FBA prior to participation in any activity of the Academy of any condition that will or may affect their ability to participate.

  10. Any person suffering from any infectious disease or other medical condition may not attend any activity of the Academy.

  11. If the child is taking any medication other than as stated at time of registration, FBA must be notified prior to the child participating in any activity of the Academy.

  12. The Academy may refuse to permit any child to participate for any medical condition or perceived medical condition in its absolute discretion.

  13. Unlawful conduct, bullying (including cyber bullying), unsportsmanlike conduct, Discriminatory Conduct by any person arising out of or in any way in connection with the activities of the Academy, will not be tolerated. The Academy in its absolute discretion may suspend or cancel participation of any child because of such conduct by that child, by their parent or guardian or any other person associated with the child. In this case no refund will be provided.

  14. Refunds are not issued for non‐attendance. However, if your child is unable to attend a scheduled session for good cause, the Academy in its absolute discretion may permit your child to attend another session in one of the Academy’s other programs. Make‐up attendance in the Academy’s School Holiday Camps will not be permitted.

  15. In the event of wet weather, extreme heat or for any other good cause requiring postponement of activities, an SMS text message will be sent to the nominated mobile phone number giving notice of the postponement of activities. If activities are to be postponed, the Academy will give reasonable notice of the alternative date. Refunds will not be issued for non‐attendance on the alternative date.

  16. If for any reason your child cannot attend a session, Nick Mouzourakis must be informed via a text to mobile number 0415 348 852.

  17. Acceptance of any child into the Academy is at the absolute discretion of the Academy. The Academy grades players into specific groups depending on the player’s ability. Determination of the player’s ability and grading is at the absolute discretion of the Academy.

  18. All children must wear at sessions the official training gear purchased via the Academy. This one‐off charge for the Academy training strip is $180 which includes a Nike Tracksuit, Nike Training Jersey, Nike Training Shorts & Nike Training Socks.

  19. The Academy is not a child‐minding service. A parent/guardian must always be at attendance whilst their child is attending the academy. FBA will not be responsible for any child prior or following any session.

  20. The Academy may occasionally take photographs/Videos of participants for promotional purposes. Consent is hereby given to the taking and publication of those photographs/Videos for FBA promotional purposes. If you do not wish for your child's image to be used for promotional purposes, you must first notify the Academy in writing. However, no warranty or promise is given to exclude any image of your child from promotional material published.

  21. The Academy may call an ambulance at its absolute discretion and I will indemnify the Academy in respect of any Claim for any Loss whatsoever arising therefrom, including any costs incurred by the Academy in relation thereto.

  22. I consent to the administration of first aid by the Academy and indemnify the Academy in respect of any Claim for any Loss whatsoever arising therefrom.

  23. If upon receipt of this form I or any person on my behalf makes payment of the required fee, I acknowledge that:

  24. such conduct shall import these terms and conditions into any agreement between the Academy and myself;

  25. these terms and conditions shall govern the participation of my child in the activities of the Academy.

  26. Payment is required at the commencement of the term or school holiday camp in accordance with the Academy Payment Options below:


  • “Academy” includes its directors, officers, employees, servants, agents, volunteers, contractors and their officers, employees, servants, and one of them and a group of them.


  • “Claims” includes claims, actions, suits, proceedings, demands, costs and expenses.


  • “discriminatory conduct” means discriminatory conduct based on actual or perceived race, religion, sexuality or gender or any combination thereof.


  • “Loss” means personal injury (including psychological/psychiatric injury and death) and any loss of property

occasioned by any cause whatsoever, including as a result of any negligence of any kind or character.


  • “Medical condition” includes infectious disease and allergy or sensitivity to anything.


  • “Medication” includes vitamins, supplements and herbal and complementary medicines.


  • “My child” means a child in respect of whom I have parental authority.


  • “Participating in an activity of the Academy” includes travelling to and from any activity of the Academy.

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